Conqueror X

The heart of the bowling and entertainment ecosystem.

The entertainment landscape is ever changing. Guest expectations have never been higher. Your business potential can be just as high especially when you have Conqueror X.

The most powerful bowling management and POS system ever, Conqueror X truly has superb product market fit.

Always growing, always evolving. Conqueror X delivers an amazing entertainment experience to keep things fresh. It helps your profitability climb and can improve your operational efficiency by leaps and bounds.

Developed by the industry’s most experienced R & D team, Conqueror X drives an entire ecosystem of modules and products, providing an unmatched feature set plus highly flexible, robust functionality. But that’s just the start. It’s also the core of an endless stream of new, revenue generating products, modules and supporting services. Allowing you to deliver the ultimate bowler experience.

Get Conqueror X and get ready to grow!

Total Management

Built for specifically bowling operations, only Conqueror X allows you to run your business the way you want to based on your business model and centre needs. One complete system, where everything works together to give you total visibility with a modern, user friendly interface. And with its robust centre, terminal and security settings Conqueror X will give you total peace of mind. So, streamline your operation, save time, and free your staff to stay focused on what matters most: creating a better guest experience.

Lane Management

Tenpin. Duckpin. Mini bowling. Or any combo side-by-side. Open by game, frame, time, or unlimited bowling, per lane or per bowler. Whichever format your players want, Lane Management lets you deliver it easily.

Bowling Modes and Lane Options

Lane Options let you configure the on lane experience to ensure a perfect visit for each and every guest. Use Bowling Modes as your “set it and forget it” trouble free templates for consistent and automated operations.

League and Tournament Management

Profit more from one of your biggest money makers with the industry’s best competition software: Bowling League Secretary from CDE. Including Tournament Manager, Conqueror X lets you host the most complex events, handling everything from setup to payments and prize management.

Conqueror QPad

Bring the power of Conqueror X right to where you and your customers are! Just add the mobile Conqueror QPad. Manage waitlists and reduce lines. Control scoring and lanes. Conclude bowling transactions. Sell food and beverages. QPad lets you bring front desk, back office and POS functions anywhere in your facility.


Innovative technology is at the core of Conqueror X. And QPortal is the way in. It gives you access to all the cloud based tools the application has to offer, including data rich dashboards, secure online backup, user management and more. It’s also the place to go to manage a wealth of advanced modules and services, such as Conqueror Web.

Business Dashboard

Know how your business is doing up to the moment. Get key the real time performance indicators you need anywhere you are. Offering historical analysis and comparisons, operations statistics, plus comprehensive tools for staff and shift reporting, the Conqueror X reporting suite puts you in control of revenue and finances.

Performance Monitoring

Keep your bowlers happy and revenue rolling in with a complete real time overview of your pinspotter operations. Pair the Performance Monitor dashboard with our Tech Wizard mobile app. You and your staff will have up to the moment notifications about issues, and expert guidance on how to resolve them fast.

Point of Sale

Conqueror X delivers a complete Point of Sale that fits the broad needs of even the most complex food & beverage operations. It is easy for your staff to use to deliver service that is seamless and maximises convenience for your guests at every interaction. Everything in Conqueror POS is built around managing seamless transactions with your guests. Provide them with one bill at checkout that covers all their activities and purchases during their visit. It’s one system throughout Conqueror with one easy to use interface that is fully integrated to every module.

Seamless Transactions

One bill. For multiple activities. And for very happy guests. Conqueror POS is designed to compile a single bill at checkout covering all their activities and purchases. You’ll both like that. It’s one system with one simple interface fully integrated to every module.

Configurable and Customisable

Speed transactions and improve accuracy. Conqueror POS terminals can be easily customised so that the layout and display of categories as well as price key buttons are both accessible and intuitive. Your staff will thank you. And so will your customers.

Dynamic Pricing and Modifiers

Maximise your profits by adjusting pricing to accommodate dayparts, holidays, time of week and more. Automatically. Comprehensive modifiers allow you to manage complex menus and orders, charged or not. Plus, easily handle mixed packages to combine bowling and any other purchases your guests make.

Advanced Order Management Tools

Talk about easy. Conqueror POS speeds your operation and eliminates bottlenecks by taking orders from staff on terminals and mobile QPads, from guests through On Lane Ordering, and from the Advanced Reservation system for web booking and events. Remote printers and an optional Kitchen Display System put these orders into action expediting readiness for your guests

Flexible Tab and Check Management

Keeping tabs is key to being accurate and capturing transactions. Conqueror POS lets you do just that by helping staff create, edit, split tabs, generate bills and receipts and more for individuals, groups, tables, lanes and events. Simple views and intuitive functionality put your staff in control of service for your guests.

Credit and Contactless Payment

Enabling guests to pay flexibly, securely and safely from pre-authorization to final payment. EMV and PCI/PA-DSS compliant, Conqueror POS accepts credit and debit cards plus contactless payments at traditional POS terminals or via wireless terminals anywhere in your centre.

Tax Management

Head off financial issues before they become problems. Conqueror POS supports both added and included taxes, and simplifies handling of tax exemptions and special circumstances. It’s also fiscally compliant in a number of markets around the world. You’ll save headaches and sleep better at night.

Comprehensive Reporting

Produce a variety of reports that drill down to whatever level of detail you need per employee, per shift and see tips, income and more. Review statistics and see hot items at a glance. Monitor results in real time. Automatically generate exports to Quickbooks. And tackle advanced accounting by adding the optional Dassle suite of products.

Cashless Systems

Want to use game cards? So do your guests. Conqueror POS makes cashless payments a no brainer. It interfaces seamlessly with cashless control systems that let you add stored value, or use value for POS purchases and more with Intercard, Embed, Sacoa or Cointech systems.

Beverage Control Systems

Regulate costs, improve profitability and staff accountability, and make more informed decisions about this very lucrative part of your business. Conqueror POS interfaces with optional systems by Berg and Azbar to give you the controls you need and want.

Kitchen Display System

When guests order all those delicious add on items, make sure they arrive at their destination at peak readiness. Combined with flexible remote printers, an optional Kitchen Display System routes orders without the time and legwork of manual systems.

Intelligent Marketing

Get ready to succeed like never before. Conqueror X delivers Intelligent Marketing that empowers you to create the ultimate consumer journey through your business turning guests into diehard fans. Create more profitable consumer segments and breed loyalty. Influence consumer behaviour and drive more visits. Boost average spend with unique packages, bundled activities and up-selling before consumers even walk through the door.

Advanced Reservations

Manage events, web bookings and walk-ins simultaneously without conflict with the only booking management tool that offers real-time interaction with the lanes. Event deposits, food and beverage orders, lane and bowler options and more are simpler than you could ever imagine.

Frequent Bowler Tracker

Make all your marketing efforts more productive and cost-effective. Capture a detailed purchase history and play habits of your best customers. Powerful and flexible tools and reports help you develop engaging promotions and communications to grow your business.

Players Club Loyalty Program

Drive repeat visits, customer loyalty and greater revenue. Enable guests to earn and pay with points. Create lucrative promotions and capitalise on loyalty tiers to reward your most important customers. Conqueror X’s intelligent marketing helps you build a smarter business.

Conqueror Web

Conqueror Web is the only booking tool designed to drive bowling entertainment and help nudge guests to spend more in your centre. Create web offers that feature unique bowling content, packages, bundled activities. Showcase F&B, activities and non bowling extras. Highly customisable and beyond simple booking, guests can see all your programs making it easy for them to buy up by finding their perfect bowling experience.

Amazing Guest Experience

Multiply your centre’s value, revenue, and profitability. Continuously delight guests with unique products that are part of the ever growing bowling and entertainment ecosystem Conqueror X. Deliver dazzling on-lane entertainment and better guest experience with BES X, the one and only Bowler Entertainment System. Engage players with HyperBowling. Advertise and keep them in the know with the Multi Media System. Create exciting light shows with CenterPunch. Conqueror X puts you in complete control.

BES X Scoring

Take advantage of the world’s only Bowler Entertainment System BES X. The only system designed help you deliver truly unique onlane entertainment to everyone with an endless collection of choices for your guests. Conqueror X puts you in complete control to leverage and manage every aspect of the system and helps make your centre the go to for an amazing guest experience, every time.


Bring the excitement of a video game right to your lanes and give your players an experience they won’t soon forget. With HyperBowling, everybody wins. Exciting and engaging, it features challenging moving colour targets, progressive levels and score multipliers that keep your guests riveted on the game. From Conqueror X you can manage the business side of the game including an innovative Bumper Protection System that monitors play and helps safeguard your investment.

BES X Experiences

BES X and HyperBowling offer today’s most exciting play. But what if players could choose the exact experience they want at each visit, and you could easily, seamlessly and profitably deliver it? Conqueror X brings it, letting you design and dynamically control the pricing, availability and display for each unique BES X Experience.

Multi-Media System

Communicate with your customers at the right place and right time and it’s a win win. The Multi-Media System (MMS) delivers a better experience by letting you display advertising and promotions, dynamic price lists, waiting lists, live scoring and more throughout your centre all configured and scheduled through Conqueror X.

CentrePunch Intelligent Lighting

Set your centre apart by giving your guests a show they’ll be talking about long after their visit. Create powerful, fully automated and coordinated shows using both pin deck and capping lights, fully controlled through Conqueror X. CenterPunch is the only intelligent lighting system on the market that can do it.

Conqueror Maximisation Program

Conqueror X is backed by the Conqueror Maximisation Program, the complete centre operations software, cloud and services maintenance plan that provides everything you need to get the most out of your investment. Rest easier (while avoiding unplanned expenses) and get the peace of mind that comes with automatic updates and improvements, business building features and services, and access to experts.

Software and Product Updates

Keep the entertainment fresh with new content and your operation running smoothly. Drive revenue while staff stays focused on maximising the guest experience. Conqueror X features automatic and continuous software updates covering all products you own in the ecosystem including scoring, the core management system, POS, marketing tools and much more.

Conqueror Cloud

Conqueror Cloud services provide the growing technology platform for your most powerful business building Conqueror X modules, features, tools, and services. Drive your business today and be fully ready for exciting future products and capabilities.


The QPortal is your window into the Conqueror Cloud and home for direct access to features which help you efficiently run your business, including dashboards, access to services, Conqueror Maximisation account management, staff and user management, settings and more. It is always securely and conveniently available to you from any browser and internet connection.

Technical Support Services

Count on unlimited access to our experts by phone and email for Conqueror X, POS, scoring systems and all technology products in your QubicaAMF ecosystem when you need it. Conqueror Cloud tools make it easier to remotely troubleshoot in case of issues and work to get a fast resolution.

Training Library and Services

Master Conqueror X and maximise what your business can do. Tap into an extensive resource library of guides and videos, along with live virtual training sessions hosted by true bowling experts. Or set up a consultation with a training specialist. QubicaAMF is here for you to ensure that you and your staff are configuring, using and getting the most out of your software and systems.

Marketing Services

Build buzz and drive visits with turnkey campaigns and collateral, complete centre marketing kits with photos, videos, and templates along with access to the exclusive and interactive BES Xtras blog. Or arrange to speak directly with one of our marketing specialists. It’s easy. Unlock the full potential of the bowling and entertainment ecosystem and begin driving more revenue today!