Spare Parts

We stock a complete product line for all your centre needs. The world’s best-selling pins, the most comfortable house balls & rental shoes, and the highest quality O.E.M. spare parts and lane maintenance products. From approach to pin deck, no one knows bowling better than QubicaAMF. Our products are designed with you in mind to be easy to use, deliver the consistency your bowlers count on and offer the best value for your money.

Glenn Rowland, our Operations and Products Sales Manager, and his team are ready to answer any questions you have and share our years of knowledge and experience with you. We are dedicated to keep your business rolling!

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Pinspotter Parts

QubicaAMF has a reputation for “firsts” in bowling innovation, and we honour our vast legacy by continuing to improve and expand in every way we can. We’re proud of our past and committed to serving your needs today. That’s why we stock more parts for more generations of pinspotters than all other manufacturers combined. We consistently out deliver all other brands in unit volume, dollar volume, order turnaround time, order fill rate, warranty claims, and customer support. Turn to QubicaAMF for all of your pinspotter needs.

Genuine AMF Parts

O.E.M. Original Equipment Manufacturer. When it comes to getting parts for your AMF pinspotters, enjoy the value, convenience and peace of mind that only comes from going straight to the source. Plus, we join skilled engineers with the latest design and manufacturing technology to ensure our components always exceed your expectations.

Genuine B-2 Replacement Parts

You can be completely confident about buying replacement parts for Brunswick A/A-2 style machines from QubicaAMF. We stand behind our parts by providing the industry’s best value, fast deliveries, and total assurance with our 100% money-back guarantee.

Vantage Parts

Vantage Replacement Parts for 90s, 70s and 30s, make your job easier. Vantage products offer improvements in design, installation and function. And, many original equipment designs have been re-engineered to incorporate improved metals, elastomers, and technologies.

House Balls and Rental Shoes

Unique Look, Undeniable Comfort, Unmatched Durability 

Keep your centre running at its peak, and your players coming back, with our complete selection of quality house balls and rental shoes. As a leader in bowling manufacturing, QubicaAMF is able to offer a full line of house balls and rentals shoes unmatched by any competitor. Let their comfort and quality help increase your profitability.

House Balls

When deciding on house balls, centres are looking for an efficient selection and durable product that will last over time. QubicaAMF developed the original Smart Ball™ System, which is proven to increase bowler satisfaction. With features like the Comfort Fit Grip™, quicker lane turnover and guaranteed performance make the smart choice with QubicaAMF.

Rental Shoes

When searching for the right line of rental shoes, QubicaAMF offers premium style and durability without the premium price. Our rental shoes deliver the ultimate in comfort, style and performance. They provide wearability that helps to keep your bowlers bowling longer and makes your investment last longer.


The Undisputed Industry Standard

The sight and sound of gleaming, scattering pins creates a lasting impression in the mind of your bowlers like no other investment you’ll make. Multiply that by ten when you consider that QubicaAMF pins are designed, manufactured, and styled to standards that make the competition fall flat.

QubicaAMF offers both competitive and specialty bowling pins that can cater to any customer that walks in your centre. From our tournament proven, AMFlite II Pins, to our custom logo specialty option, you can be assured you are purchasing pins that are high-scoring, incredibly durable and extremely attractive.

Regulation Pins

If you are looking for the standard of excellence against which all other pins are measured, then look no further! No other company offers a choice of premium quality pins like these. Our AMFlite II Pins continue to shatter tournament records, and the AMFlite Pinnacle is our top-of-the-line pin inspired by a 30 year legacy of success with our best selling AMFlite II series.

Specialty Pins

Looking to set your centre apart? Specialty pins from QubicaAMF offer one of the easiest, most effective marketing opportunities available to your centre. We offer the largest variety of specialty pins: Colour Pins, Custom Logo Pins, Bowlopolis Pins, Birthday Pins and Trophy Pins. These pins make any occasion in your centre a little more special and create a memorable impact on customers. They will take these pins home as a keepsake reminding them of the fun they had in your centre and to come back again and again!

Lane Care & Maintenance Supplies

Prepare your Lanes for Maximum Performance

Well-prepared lanes are the key to maximizing play for your bowlers and preserving one of your center’s biggest assets. We know one size does not fit all. Different lanes require different maintenance routines. That’s why we have partnered Kegel, the undisputed leader in lane care and lane maintenance, to be the exclusive manufacturer and supplier for all QubicAMF lane care and supplies products—to keep your business running strong.

User Friendly Products | Quality & Consistency | Product & Pattern Support | A Brand You Can Trust

Lane Conditioners

Condition your lanes for maximum performance and protection with our full line of industry proven lane conditioners, like Reactor, VisFlo and Utopia. Available in a range of viscosities and lubricities to meet your specific needs and field tested for total compatibility with all QubicaAMF lanes, pinspotters, belts and more.

Lane Cleaners

Keep your lanes in top shape and prepare your centre for maximum performance with Formula ACC AND Formula 388 lane cleaners.

Centre Maintenance

Keep your pins and approaches in top shape with SureSlide Approach Conditioner and PinKeeper Pin Cleaner.

Lane Cloth

Features a reusable plastic core with double-face tape for easy, trouble-free take-up.

Cleaning Cloth

Duster Cloth