Redefine the Bowling Experience. Grow Your Business.

BES X is the most innovative, and the world’s only, Bowler Entertainment System.

Only BES X is designed to maximise every aspect of what makes bowling appealing to customers by delivering more fun, more ways to socialise and more competitive excitement all while making it easier, more comfortable and more relaxing for people of all ages.

BES X centres report:

Typical increases in bowling revenue from new customers and longer play with Open Play increases anywhere from 9% – 25%.

Increase in birthday party and corporate/group event business number of events, size of each party and revenue per person.

Customers are most driven to exclusive features like Mad Games, YouToons, Selfie Grids and the ability to choose their experience directly from the console.

A “rising tide” effect on total revenues after adding BES X when people bowl more, they spend more everywhere in the centre.

Extreme Fun for Everyone

Having fun is the primary reason that people come to bowling and entertainment centres. But proprietors have told us that the traditional tenpin game is too long and not easy to understand for many customers, and that traditional scoring systems don’t adapt to the individual tastes of different customer segments. Only BES X gives you the widest and most innovative variety of on-lane entertainment options available anywhere.

Mad Games

Four stimulating, 5-frame games allow your customers to bowl in a way that is easier to understand, faster to finish and uniquely aligned to their taste. They’ll want to try them all—Monster Factory, Character Factory, Bowlin’ Hood and Battle on the Lanes!


Take your players inside the game. Bowlers take their pictures on the SuperTouch LCD bowler console and YouToons merges those images into the scoring animations, turning your customers into hilarious characters on the screen as they bowl! Great for corporate parties or team-building events.

Themed Birthday Parties

Celebrate more profitable birthday parties by letting your bowlers choose from one of our three themed birthday party options, all featuring dedicated graphical environments and games to best suit their celebration. They can choose from Oceano, Fairy Tales or go back in time with Prehistorica.

On-Demand Environments, Games & Game Formats

With so much to offer, your bowlers may never leave. Enjoy 18 different environments, over 1,400 unique animations and 23 games you simply won’t find this much fun anywhere else.

Your Lane, Your Way

A QubicaAMF first, Your Lane, Your Way gives customers the freedom to select their favourite environment, and now even games, right from their bowler console.

HD Signature Grids

HD Signature Grids provide endless opportunities to allow a centre to deliver a custom look & feel. Load any image from the front desk and combine with a variety of grid styles and animation sets.

Exciting Competitive Play

The competitive element is a key component of the bowling experience. Young or old. Expert or novice. Everyone likes to win, whether beating friends at a friendly game or putting it on the line for the big tournament trophy. BES X enhances competitive play at any level—fun or sport.

Bowling Plus

Bowling Plus displays the top moments of the game while the action is happening, providing easy-to-understand statistics: who’s leading; how much you need to score to take the lead; most strikes; and much more. It’s like having your own personal commentator on the lanes! Scores and competition have never been so easy and exciting to follow.

Skill and Classic Games

Eliminate the complexity of computing spares and strikes from scoring, while still offering a competitive challenge. With their shorter duration and simpler scoring calculation, these skill games enhance the fun, competitive experience. Plus, only BES X offers a complete set of six classic variations on the traditional bowling game so that bowlers can integrate all games right into their match.

Score Assist

A feature within Bowling Plus, Score Assist helps aspiring bowlers improve their skills by familiarising them with how to score the game. Put them on the road to becoming passionate, expert players. BES X makes it easy.

Adaptive Skill Level Games

Now every bowler can have fun and play to win. With our new Mad Games, like Battle on the Lanes and Bowlin’ Hood, the less experienced players can win against even the most experienced because every bowler can choose their own skill level. The system automatically does the rest—keeping the competition fair and exciting for everyone.

Extended Social Reach

People go bowling to socialise, but traditional scoring systems don’t allow bowlers to extend their reach beyond the lanes. Let them share their experience with their social network and socialise with other people in the centre, and you’ve made a “friend” for life. A BES X exclusive.

Lane Chatter

Nothing gets players excited and bowling longer than having fun and socialising with friends. With BES X, they can improve their ability to meet people and exclusively chat and text with other lanes—right from the SuperTouch LCD bowler console. Enhancements like emoticons help people break the ice, meet new people and extend their social reach.

Selfie Grids

These new grids allow bowlers to take a picture right at the lane and use it as the scoring background to celebrate their moment together. Selfie Grids give customers the ability to directly personalise their bowling experience making it a truly unique visit to the centre.

Facebook® GameConnect

Facebook® GameConnect keeps bowlers involved in the game while letting them share their fun on Facebook. GameConnect enables them to share exclusive and customised content from their game like bowling graphics, achievements and results, all using their own smartphones and deciding what and when to post.

An Exceptionally Easy & Relaxing Experience

It’s simple. People bowl because the experience is enjoyable, relaxing and worry-free. And they don’t bowl when it isn’t. That’s why we made BES X the easiest and smartest system in the world to interact with, slashing the time customers spend trying to figure things out. Now they can spend more time enjoying their stay.

SuperTouch LCD Bowler Console

SuperTouch LCD bowler consoles are extremely easy to use, offer a super-modern look and feel and a built-in camera, just like you’ll find on the latest tablets. Along with access to innovations like YouToons, Lane Chatter, Virtual Waiter, and Facebook GameConnect, bowlers can review game statistics, individual standings, frame progression, and more—all “live” and at their fingertips.

EasyKey Keyboard Bowler Console

Clean, simple and effective. Their intuitive navigation ensures only relevant keys light up. Plus, they have a high tech look and feel that makes anyone pros or beginners actually want to interact with the scoring system.

On-Lane Ordering

Exclusive On-Lane ordering allows customers to conveniently order F&B right from the lane as if a waiter was always standing right next to them. One touch will send the order to the kitchen staff and adds the order straight to their lane tab.

On-Lane ordering provides new opportunities for increased F&B revenue without the need for additional servers.

HD Signature Welcome Screens

As soon as the lane opens, BES X displays all the information bowlers need to get to the right place. An over-sized lane number and the names of the bowlers or group are automatically displayed.

Extend the Bowling Session from the Lane

BES X can automatically prompt your customers at the end of their game, allowing them to extend their prepaid session without having to leave the lane. Make it easier for them to stay longer and bowl that extra game—while spending more, too.

Extend the Bowling Session from the Lane

BES X can automatically prompt your customers at the end of their game, allowing them to extend their prepaid session without having to leave the lane. Make it easier for them to stay longer and bowl that extra game—while spending more, too.