Maintain Your Centre. Maximise Your Business

Time is money, and we know you can’t waste either looking for parts. Plus, we know you’re juggling customers, payroll, food orders, and more. We’re here to help make sure you have the products you need to keep your place in top condition and your bowlers happy.

QubicaAMF can supply all the parts and products you’ll need to keep your equipment running smoothly and looking good. We also stock a huge range of bowling equipment like bowling balls, bags, shoes and accessories that you can sell to your customers and build a valuable revenue stream.

Plus, you can be assured that all our products are of the highest quality designed, engineered, manufactured and tested to meet the demands of the busiest bowling centres, and the most demanding bowling centre owners. We are your one stop shop.

Pinspotter Parts

QubicaAMF has a reputation for “firsts” in bowling innovation, and we honour our vast legacy by continuing to improve and expand in every way we can. We’re proud of our past and committed to serving your needs today. That’s why we stock more parts for more generations of pinspotters than all other manufacturers combined. We consistently out deliver all other brands in unit volume, dollar volume, order turnaround time, order fill rate, warranty claims, and customer support. Turn to QubicaAMF for all of your pinspotter needs.

House Balls & Rental Shoes

Keep your centre running at its peak, and your players coming back, with our complete selection of quality house balls and rental shoes. As a leader in bowling manufacturing, QubicaAMF is able to offer a full line of house balls and rentals shoes unmatched by any competitor. Let their comfort and quality help increase your profitability.

Bowling Pins

The sight and sound of gleaming, scattering pins creates a lasting impression in the mind of your bowlers like no other investment you’ll make. Multiply that by ten when you consider that QubicaAMF pins are designed, manufactured, and styled to standards that make the competition fall flat.

QubicaAMF offers both competitive and specialty bowling pins that can cater to any customer that walks in your centre. From our tournament proven, AMFlite II Pins, to our custom logo specialty option, you can be assured you are purchasing pins that are high-scoring, incredibly durable and extremely attractive.

EZ Touch

The Smartest Choice for Centers of 16 Lanes or Less.

Do you own or manage a smaller centre and find yourself doing the lanes by hand? Perhaps you use outdated equipment that doesn’t clean properly or apply enough oil for today’s bowling balls? We know the lane maintenance problems that many centres are faced with today like not having a full-time mechanic or feeling like they are forced into buying an expensive, complex machine.

Unlike any other lane machine on the market, the EZ Touch will protect your capital investment (the lanes) as well as ANY lane machine on the market today—and keep your bowlers happy.

Extended Warranty

The average life span of certain technology may outlast your initial product warranty. Through the QubicaAMF Extended Warranty program, we can help support your product for many years saving you money over the long run. You receive expert support from QubicaAMF to limit centre downtime and maintenance costs. You will also benefit from a consistent monthly budget, which can help facilitate your annual maintenance schedule and limit special repairs or new installations.