Bowling is the Ultimate Anchor for Your Entertainment Investment

Bowling Entertainment Centers (BECs) come in many sizes and configurations, with bowling serving as the anchor. Depending on your budget, business objectives and the market you want to pursue, we can help you match the right product to your business model to generate a positive return on investment.

Designed to deliver the ultimate in entertainment, our products maximize every aspect of what makes bowling so appealing. They are specifically developed to drive customer engagement, socialisation, repeat business and increased length of stay – all while making it easier for you to manage your business the way you want to.

We help you to operate your business more efficiently and provide exceptional support before and after the sale. So, you can focus on delivering the full potential of your facility – whatever your business model.

Which Business Model Suits Your Needs?

Boutique Centres

These centres blend bowling, music and socialising, with food and beverage sales serving as the main profit centre.

Offering a hip and energetic environment, Boutique Centres frequently cater to young adults and adults. Tenpin bowling and/or mini bowling dominate the entertainment side, though other attractions are often part of the mix as well.

Hybrid Entertainment Centres

As traditional bowling centres start incorporating more attractions, a hybrid concept has emerged, combining various elements of Family Entertainment Centres (FECs).

This model might offer league play part of the week and open play or family entertainment for the rest of it. It might also blend the FEC and Boutique business models, including a variety of activities in conjunction with bowling. Serving as a social scene for adults and young adults, upscale food and beverage sales provide a large part of the revenue.

Core Bowling Centres

Bowling is the core business and main source of revenue here – typically about 70% of total income, with tournament, league and open play contributing equally.

Because bowling is so prominent, most of these centres offer a limited number of other attractions, such as billiards and video games. For this reason, restaurants, if present, get a smaller share of the limelight. You’ll frequently find a pro shop inside these facilities as well.